We Design, We Print; We Are New York, We Are pinkFROGnyc - We are New York City based artists and designers.

We have been providing design & consulting services. Start from the year of 2011, we feature Product/Graphic Design & Garment Printing on adult t-shirt, adult unisex brief, youth t-shirt, toddler t-shirt, baby bodysuit, tote bag, zipper pouch, iPhone pouch, apron, handmade linen tie and pin button, postcard, as print on museum grade paper & framed art;  We help to start your t-shirt business: customized printing; We ship worldwide.

The 1st project that we are launching is framed art that we did by using different media:
A. Prints of finger paintings that we did on iPad: these original illustrations are abstractions of reality about everything that we see and feel about the world, mostly with dreamy, whimsical, philosophical, psychological and mythical allusions...

B. We love to travel, and we take photos to document our time, different places and cultures. Project1-B is group of photos that we 'd love to share with you. Hope they will be able to let you experience how we see the world and bring us closer together.

C. We have been learning and teaching Chinese paintings for years. We paint with brushes on rice paper and silk in two styles: 'Gong Bi' and 'Xie Yi.' Now we'd love to share some works with you.

We launched the 2nd project at Valentine's Day in 2012. It is a brand new "fashionFROG ny" tee line. We illustrated art works on iPad and high quality printed them on american apparel tees.
We Are New York. In Sep., 2014, we created a series design that named New York Project. The designs are applied on numerous garments: tees, aprons, tote bags etc.

In Aug, 2014, we launched our new fashion line "fashionTADPOLE ny" for infants and toddlers.

The 3rd project: we are travelers & we love arts and designs. In 2012, the selective products that picked up through traveling are shown at the new section FLEA THE WORLD.

The 4th project: starting from Sept. 11, 2014, we are offering digital garment printing service! We can print on any fabrics that contain at least 50% cotton. Make your own designs, please check out :http://www.pinkfrognyc.com/digital-garment-printing-service

Also, we intend to make products by using all kinds of recycled materials.

A. The first project that we are experimenting on is fabric. We are upcycling the selected used clothing and fabric swatches into beautiful products. The first product is one of a kind, unique, handmade tie that designed in 2012. http://www.pinkfrognyc.com/category/green-design

Please keep an eye on our upcoming projects on ARTs & DESIGNs!!