framed print of Chinese Painting on canvas - Camellia and Terpsiphone Paradisi


Camellia & Terpsiphone Paradisi
sku #: framecp1

This piece is a gongbi watercolor painting that is painted on rice paper, and printed on canvas. Prints on canvas create a new fresh perspective on traditional Chinese Painting, it adds a new element to Chinese Painting. It has been selected for galleries' exhibitions in NYC.

Our original Chinese Watercolor Paintings are painted with brushes on rice paper or silk integrated with traditional Chinese Painting skills in two different styles: '工笔'(gong bi) and '写意'(xie yi).

Gongbi (工笔) Paintings, literally "detailed strokes", are paintings characterized by fine brushwork. Gongbi is a technique in Chinese painting. The name is from the Chinese Gong chin meaning tidy (meticulous brush technique). The technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely and without independent or expressive variation.

Printed with pro printer and matted in white. Framed in a 8x10/11x14 in clean cut black wood frame. Each print is signed by the artist.

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